Work of the Board of Directors

The Board has the overall responsibility for the company. It is elected at the Annual General Meeting after a proposal made by the Nominations Committee. Its task is to manage the company’s business in the interests of the company and all of its shareholders.

Its undertakings are regulated by the Companies Act, the Articles of Association, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and the formal work plan of the Board. The Board shall have a size and composition that ensures its ability to manage the company’s business with integrity and efficiency.

The work of the Board is evaluated annually by a systematic and structured process. The intention is to develop the forms of work and effectiveness of the Board. The result of the evaluation is presented to the Nominations Committee.

During 2019, there have been 17 meetings (17), of which 1 meeting following its election (1) and 2 meetings with decisions by circulation (2). In addition, the Board, the executive management and external lecturers have met for strategy-related work.

During the year, focus has, among others, been on developing the Company’s work with sustainability, the execution of a strategy resulting in a concentration on selected growth regions as well as expansion into markets outside of Sweden. The board has also continued to follow the development of organization and leadership.