Klöverns growth throughout the years.


  • During the year, Klövern acquired 3 properties for SEK 959 million, among other things, another property was acquired in New York.
  • Totally divested Klövern 86 properties for SEK 5,029 million.
  • Among others, the divestments included the portfolio in Karlstad.
  • A contract was signed to acquire a large office property in Copenhagen, with estimated transfer of possession in 2018.
  • Property value: SEK 52,377 million.


  • During the year, Klövern acquired 38 properties for SEK 8,056 million, including seven properties in
    Copenhagen and two properties in
    New York.
  • Totally divested Klövern 17 properties for SEK 2,464 million.
  • Among others, the divestments included the portfolios in Härnösand, Sollefteå and Falun.
  • Tobin Properties and Agora were
    consolidated in Klövern.
  • Property value: SEK 52,713 million.


  • During the year, Klövern acquired 27 properties for SEK 2,116 million.
  • Totally divested Klövern 54 properties for SEK 1,796 million.
  • Among others, the divestments included the whole portfolios in Borås and Karlskrona.
  • A contract was signed to acquire a property in Denmark, with transfer of possession in 2018.
  • Property value: SEK 42,961 million.


  • Klövern acquired 32 properties for SEK 1,484 million.
  • The largest transaction was the acquisition of 28 properties in Malmö and Lund.
  • Klövern divested 15 properties for SEK 630 million.
  • Klövern communicated that it intends to expand the product portfolio with residential projects.
  • Property value: SEK 39,234 million.


  • Klövern acquired 19 properties during the year for a total of SEK 2,732 million.
  • The largest purchase was Aprikosen 2, more known by the name Solna Gate. The lettable area encompasses around 35,200 sq.m. and consists mainly of office space
  • 14 properties have been sold for a total of SEK 546 million.
  • The property value is SEK 35,032 million


  • Klövern acquired 19 properties during the year for a total of SEK 4,452 million.
  • Among other properties, Klövern acquired and took possession of Globen City, encompassing 115,000 sq.m.
  • Klövern launched its business center operations under the brand name of First Office.
  • The self-storage operations have also been launched under a separate brand name: Big Pink.
  • 13 properties were sold for a total of SEK 531 million.
  • Property value: SEK 30,208 million.


  • Klövern acquired 23 properties for a total of SEK 1,020 million.
  • Among other properties, a large logistIcs facility was acquired in Jordbro, south of Stockholm, with a lettable area of 28,000 sq.m. In December, two properties were acquired in the Gothenburg area, consisting of 9,800 sq.m.
  • Klövern has also announced that it intends to conceptualize the business centres under the common brand name of First Office.
  • Klövern has sold 12 properties for SEK 387 million.
  • Property value: SEK 24,059 million.


  • Rutger Arnhult became CEO in January 2012.
  • Klövern acquired a total of 137 properties for SEK 7,459 million, of which 124 came from the acquisition of Dagon in March.
  • With the purchase of Dagon, Klövern became established in new expansive markets, in the Öresund region and Gothenburg, among other places.
  • Eleven properties were divested for a total of SEK 543 million.
  • Property value: SEK 22,624 million.


  • During the year Klövern has aquirad eight properties at a price of SEK 315 million.
  • Five properties were divested at a price of SEK 48 million.
  • At the beginning of December Klövern made a public offer all shares in Dagon AB (publ).
  • Gustaf Hermelin left his post as CEO at year end.
  • Propery value: SEK 14,880 million.


  • Klövern acquired a property portfolio comprises 37 properties with a total area of 157,000 sq. m. Of these properties 31 are situated in Linköping, four in Norrköping and two in Örebro. The purchase price amounts to SEK 1,055 million.
  • Klövern divested nine properties at a price of SEK 368 million.
  • Property value: SEK 13,493 million.


  • Kistamässan was completed in May and the first sod was cut for Victoria Tower adjacent to the exhibition and conference facility.
  • Klövern divested four properties in Karlstad, Linköping and Nyköping for SEK 162 million.
  • Klövern acquired five properties in Borås, Kista and Nyköping as well as 17 site leaseholds in Karlstad for total of 179 million.
  • Property value: SEK 12,032 million.


  • Kistamässan opened at the beginning of September.
  • Three properties in Karlstad, Kista and Nyköping were divested for a price of SEK 327 million.
  • Three properties in Kista were acquired for a total of SEK 135 million.
  • Property value: SEK 11,895 million.


  • Klövern entered into agreements to construct the new Kista exhibition center Kistamässan and renegotiated and entered into a new lease with Ericsson for around 50,000 sq.m.
  • The Kalmar and Eskilstuna units and an additional twelve properties were sold for SEK 1,236 million.
  • Acquisitions of a total of 47 properties took place in, among other places, Karlstad, Västerås and Nyköping for a value of SEK 989 billion.
  • Property value: SEK 12,154 million.


  • Klövern’s investment in Science and Business Parks was reinforced through acquisition of Pfizer’s head office and product facility in Uppsala for SEK 235 million.
  • Seven properties was acquired in Nyköping at a value of SEK 245 million and 46 properties was acquired in Kista and Täby at a property value of more than SEK 4 billion.
  • Property value: SEK 10,701 million.


  • 36 properties were divested for SEK 557 million.
  • Klövern acquired properties, mainly in Linköping and Norrköping for SEK 1,700 million.
  • Property value: SEK 5,968 million.


  • Klövern established in Borås through acquisition of properties for SEK 210 million.
  • During the year, establishment also took place in Västerås through acquisition of 41 properties with a total value of SEK 1 billion.
  • A total of 20 properties were divested for SEK 307 million.
  • Property value: SEK 4,193 million.


  • Klövern was listed on the stock exchange’s O-list.
  • Properties in Kalmar, Karlstad, Linköping, Norrköping, Örebro and Kumla were acquired for SEK 1,107 million.
  • 15 properties at non-prioritized locations were divested for a total of SEK 185 million.
  • Property value: SEK 2,890 million.


  • The IT company Adcores was split and Adcore AB changed its name to Klövern AB with focus on properties.
  • Klövern acquired its first property portfolio comprising of mainly Post-properties for SEK 1.3 billion.
  • Klövern acquired properties in Nyköping and Norrköping
  • Property value: SEK 1,876 million