Adcore develops customised web solution for ABB


The solution enables ABB Automation’s customers, partners and subcontractors to easily access prices and products and to place an order via a personally designed webpage. One can also follow the whole process and see the status of an order directly in the site. This new web-solution saves a lot of time and money for users. In addition, the risk of faults that can arise with traditional paper-handling are reduced. Most handling was previously carried out via fax, which was both time-consuming and difficult to manage.

– We chose Adcore because they have considerable knowledge of e-commerce, says Anders Tollsten, Divisional Manager of ABB Motors AB. The collaboration between us worked very well. Together we have produced a world-class solution with a minimum of administration, and in a very short time. Our customers and sales people value the solution very much indeed.

– Adcore has in a very short time supplied a broad and complex solution to one of the industry’s most important players. We have succeeded through having a strong and multi-disciplinary team and by working with parallel development processes, says Christer Wallin, Manager Sales Solutions at Adcore. We worked already right from the beginning with developers, technical infrastructure, design and process knowledge.

– Thanks to Adcore working with leading products and standards, one can move quickly from prototype to a production-ready solution, continues Christer Wallin. Another success factor is that we mapped already at an early stage the whole chain from business processes to technical processes. This enabled us to quickly start with the integration of underlying systems, which constitute an important part in this type of project.

The website is initially available in English and German. It contains drawings, test results and other technical documentation. The site is being developed continuously, and there are plans to include a chat-room where customers can participate in the product development by presenting their ideas and views. Other plans are that it will eventually also include installation and fault-tracing guides.

– Adcore has made a determined effort and has worked intensively to find solutions to problems that arose on the way, continues Anders Tollsten. This e-commerce solution links together the entire value chain, from customer to ABB and to subcontractors. Our subcontracotrs can directly access information via the net and see when a customer has placed an order, and what will be delivered. In this way, the website also acts as a forecasting and production planning tool for all those concerned.

Stockholm, 15 December 2000 – Adcore AB (publ)