Klövern signs lease contracts in Kista


The renegotiated contract for the property Isafjord 1 consists of
research and head office functions. The refurbishment, which is
taking place in several phases, will start in autumn 2007 and is
expected to be concluded by 2008/2009.

The new lease agreement for the property Helgafjäll 7 concerns sales
and development, among other activities. Refurbishment is to start
already in April and be completed in December 2007.”The lease agreements with Ericsson are important for the whole area.
Klövern has major plans for Kista’s development, which, besides the
newly signed lease with the exhibition centre Sollentunamässan,
includes among others hotel and restaurant and an improved
infrastructure”, says Klövern’s CEO Gustaf Hermelin.

Nyköping, March 7, 2007

Klövern AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:
Gustaf Hermelin, CEO, tel +46 155 44 33 10, +46 70 560 00 00,
Tomas Hermasson, Head of Kista Business Unit, +46 70 553 80 98,
Britt-Marie Einar, Corporate Communications Officer, tel +46 155 44
33 12, +46 70 224 29 35
Åse Lindskog, Director, Media Relations Ericsson, tel +46 730 24 48
Ericsson’s press telephone +46 8 719 97 25

Klövern is a real estate company with a local presence that actively
develops properties in large Swedish cities. Klövern has geographical
units in twelve cities and locations: Borås, Eskilstuna, Kalmar,
Karlstad, Kista, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Täby, Uppsala,
Västerås and Örebro. As at December 31, 2006, the value of the
properties totals approximately SEK 10.7 billion and the rental
income on an annual basis is approximately SEK 1,070 million. The
Klövern share is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange,
Stockholmsbörsen’s Nordic list for medium-sized companies.

Klövern AB (publ), Box 1024, SE-611 29 Nyköping, Sweden Tel +46 155
44 33 00, Fax +46 155 44 33 22
Company registration no. 556482-5833 * Registered office: Nyköping *
Website: www.staging-wwwklovernse.wp4.triggerfish.cloud