Our vision is an urban city neighbourhood with a global reach.

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Klövern’s urban development in Kista

The City of Stockholm has identified Kista as a focus area for development. We have also done the same at Klövern. This is where the future is. This is where new perspectives are created through meetings at the workplace in the apartment and in the street.

Klövern’s vision for eastern Kista is a city neighbourhood that builds on an already existing power of innovation. We want to create a context for boundary-crossing meetings, between people, the academic world and the business community.


We have collaborated with Dreem Arkiteker and AWL Arkitekter on the Isafjord block in Kista.


Kista is in the City of Stockholm in a unique location for communications with direct access to the E4 and E18 highways, close to Arlanda airport, with easy access to commuter trains, buses and Tvärbana, the cross-town light railway (from 2023).

Klövern is the largest real estate owner in Kista.

We want to create a city neighbourhood where there is space for every activity to work together, where modern workplaces and educational facilities are developed with housing, social service, culture, entertainment and retail outlets. A complete diversified city where people’s needs are met in walking distance with a vibrant urban life around the clock.

We also want to contribute to a varied offering of secure green areas for play, physical exercise and rest as well as establishing natural links to make use of the existing green areas such as Kymlinge and Ursvik.



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Please contact Sara Brännström for more information about Klövern’s urban development in Kista.

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Other urban development projects

New York

Klövern is developing properties in Manhattan.

All projects are taking place in collaboration with the real estate developer GDSNY aiming for environmental certification of the buildings.

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Vision image of the street environment at Klarabergsgatan

Klarabergsgatan, Stockholm

We are respectfully refurbishing this building to its former lustre.

Our aim is to create a lively, vibrant location.

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Uppsala Business Park, Uppsala

The goal is to create a world-class innovation environment.

A dynamic mix of people and companies that through cooperation create development, growth and success.

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Söderstaden, Stockholm

Our vision is a city neighbourhood with a vibrant atmosphere.

The Slakthus area is being developed together with the events area into an internationally attractive destination.

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We are refining the existing portfolio in combination with new production.

Our urban development in Västerås includes the areas City, Mälarporten, Kopparlunden and Öster Mälarstrand.

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Örebro Entré


We are creating a new landmark adjacent to Örebro’s travel interchange.

Örebro Entré is part of the municipality’s Pulsådern Örebro investment and will offer offices, a hotel, a restaurant and gym, among other facilities.

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